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It’s been a while blog friends! Apologies for the slight delay in my new post, but life stuff got in the way and I wanted to upload this mini “vlog”, which I knew would take me hours to edit, so naturally I put it off! I spent around 4 hours of my Saturday night editing this bad boy (rock and roll life!) and am super proud of the end result.

If you didn’t know, I went to Mumbai/Bombay 3 weeks ago for my sister’s wedding shopping, and if you’ve ever been on this type of trip (I avoid the word holiday as there was little to none bikini/beach time!) you’ll know that it can be very full on. Therefore planning on doing full outfit posts was unrealistic, so I decided to film little snippets of our trip and put them together in a non-talking type of vlog.

I hope you like it…

P.S Please watch it in HD!

24 Hours in Paris

pont alexandre iiiNow I’m no expert on Paris. I’ll leave that up to the regular Eurostar goers, and seeing as this was my first trip to France in 10 years, you might think I’m not qualified enough to a guide to Paris and nor do I. But I’m doing it anyway!

I spent a little more than 24 hours in the French capital, and although no amount of time would be enough, 24 hours is certainly a push for time. If there was ever a need for Bernard’s Watch, (the best 90s kids’ show ever!) it was my whistle stop trip to Paris. However, I actually managed to cram quite a lot in.

If you’re off to Paris for a quick trip like me, or just like reading guides to Paris to dream about your next trip there, this is the Parisian guide for you. How to do Paris in 24 hours. I’ll start with the most important thing….

Shopping I didn’t spend a great amount of my two days in Paris shopping as I wanted to see the sights and eat macaroons (obviously!) instead of just spending my 24 hours inside of a shopping centre, but a the well known department store, Galeries Lafayette was very near our hotel, so we decided to pop in. And I’m so glad we did! It’s basically like the French version of House of Fraser but with stunning architecture. As soon as you walk in you see this beautiful dome that surrounds the shops and the top floor also has a stunning surprise waiting for you (see below). I’m sure many people just come in to have a look at the dome, and even if you’re not keen on shopping, it’s worth going to see!Galeries LafayetteShopping doesn’t always mean buying things, it’s also is a history field trip (yes, really mum!). A history on a woman who changed fashion forever, Coco Chanel. The first ever Chanel store is a must see in Paris (if you like fashion, oh and history!), however we didn’t have enough time to head there, so this is my excuse for my next Paris trip! However, we did manage to visit the first Christian Louboutin boutique, but sadly left empty handed, having spent all of our Euros on macaroons. Boo.There’s a reason why every beauty blogger raves about French pharmacies, and it’s not because of their antibiotics! Cheap, big bottles of Bioderma! I needn’t say more.

TOP TIP – Shops are not open on Sundays, so if you’re planning a weekend away, make sure you schedule shopping in on the Saturday, to avoid disappointment, or tears!


Views of Eiffel Towerpont alexandre iiiEven though the iconic sight looks a little like a massive piece of scaffolding, I am in utter awe of it. When I saw la Tour of Eiffel for the first time this trip, I actually, gasped! Many tourists choose to go up the Eiffel Tower, and while you get a fabulous view of the whole of Paris, you don’t actually get the Eiffel Tower in the shot. Therefore, we decided to skip the long queues and check out the view from the rooftops of the Galeries Lafayette, which I don’t think many people know about. A rooftop view of Paris and the show stopping Eiffel Tower in the view for you to enjoy. Plus the department store is a lot less busy, so you can spend time taking those great ‘wish you were here’ shots of Paris.Galeries LafayetteTrocadero. No, not the fun one in Leicester Square, the Parisian one, with a great view of the Eiffel Tower and where I took my outfit pictures in my first post.

If you want to check out the Eiffel Tower at night, I would really recommend walking over to the Pont Alexandre III bridge, which is about a 30 minute riverside walk from the tower itself. A very romantic walk if you’re with your other half and for the rest of us, a great time to grab those night-time Paris snaps. eiffel tower night


FoodMost street corners have cute cafés, so they aren’t hard to come by but I would recommend Claus, an adorable, hidden little café with the best croissants ever.claus clausWhen bloggers go to Paris (or stay in London even) we must consume a boxful of macaroons. Preferably from Laudree. The salted caramel ones are to die for!laduree That’s it from the Paris posts, I hope you enjoyed reading them and hope to blog about it again soon (someone get me another Eurostar ticket!). And Paris I have a feeling I’ll be visiting again soon and I promise to not leave it another 10 years.

Au revoir mon cherie!

Paris, An Indian Summer

ashumiJardin des Tuileries mulberrry tillie Jardin des Tuileries Jardin des TuileriesI don’t know about you but when I’m packing for my trip away, my iPhone weather app stays open for the entire stressful process as obviously all outfits must match the weather. While I was going through my packing ritual for Paris, I was annoyed to see ‘sunny and 24 degrees’. Normal people would rejoice, sing their ‘Hallelujahs’ and dig out the summer sandals. Me? Not so much.

I thought that heading to Paris in the middle/end of September was guaranteed autumn weather. Well, the weather gods proved me wrong. I wanted to wear my new knits, which some, poor things (yes my clothes have feelings!) haven’t seen the light of day since I bought them. Anyway I had to leave my new clothes back in London, make the most of a “bad” situation and wear my trusty little white dress, which I bought from a random Vietnamese market for a few pounds!

We spent the day shopping, eating (but more on this later, keep those eyes peeled!) and went for a stroll in the famous Jardin des Tuileries, a perfect way to spend an hour in Paris. I would say a day, but we had to rush off to finish off our must-see/do things before it was time to head to the Gare du Nord for the Eurostar home.

paris styleJardin des Tuileries mulberry tillie Jardin des Tuileriesdress – Vietnamese market | shoes – Topshop | bag – Mulberry | sunnines – Miu Miu

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