A quick trip to Cambridge

cambridge spring cambridge spring cambridge spring cambridge spring cambridge spring cambridge spring cambridge springThere’s nothing like a quick trip to Cambridge on a random sunny Saturday right? Who can resist wandering the churches, colleges & cobbled streets when its just an hour away?! Sometimes I think we Londoners forget that life outside of London does exist, as we’re so wrapped up in exploring different areas of the capital, we forget about the rest of the country. However, the last couple of years, I have been trying to make an effort to see more of our beautiful country and Cambridge has always been one of my favourite cities, amongst Bath & Edinburgh.

So, here are some snaps I took in Cambridge last weekend, where I sent a couple of hours walking around the markets, staring at the clever university graduates posing in their Hogwarts-like gowns around the colleges & obviously taking hundreds of pictures of the architecture and spring cherry blossoms…an Instagrammer’s dream!cambridge spring cambridge spring cambridge spring cambridge spring cambridge spring cambridge spring cambridge spring

Spring Casuals

ashumi ashumi spring The white jeans are out. This could only mean one thing ladies and gents, spring is coming! Get excited! It’s funny how the little things in life can completely affect our mood. If the day is super sunny and I’m able to head out with just a light jacket on, it’s going to be a good day. But, if it’s raining cats and dogs outside, I know it’s going to be a eat a whole jar of Nutella kind of day. So now that it gets darker at 6pm (woop!) and the fact that I didn’t have to hide my coat when shooting these pictures makes me a very happy Ash.

Now onto the outfit. It’s not the most unusual of outfits and definitely won’t be on any catwalks anytime soon, but sometimes it’s nice to head outside in just a pair of your comfy jeans, the most softest chambray shirt, a coral jumper and hair scrapped back into pony tail (read: greasy hair day). No heels in sight. Bliss. It still doesn’t beat the comfort of Primark pyjamas but the last time I checked it’s sadly still not socially acceptable to head outside in your PJs, besides a midnight run to Tesco that is. Obviously.DSC_0113 primark

And then I went on ASOS

asos haulAs you may know from my last two style posts, I’ve been feeling a little lack of fashion inspiration lately. However, much to my bank balance’s dismay, this didn’t last long! I had a flick through my new ASOS magazine and next thing I knew I was making small talk with the lovely DPD delivery man (I call him ‘lovely’ because he brings me presents!), and trying to sign the electronic tablet, which always looks like a 2 year old scribbled on it. Why are they so hard to write on?! Anyway, this is what I bought…

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