Borough Market

borough market autumn borough market autumn borough market autumn borough market autumn borough market borough market autumn borough market autumn I used to live in London Bridge for a year of my student life, approximately a 5-minute walk from Borough Market (just call me Bridget Jones!) and I frequently walked through the market to get to Nandos, but never really explored the market properly. Sometimes I don’t think we fully appreciate where we live or our surroundings when we’re younger!


So after having watched the new Bridget Jones movie (a must see if you haven’t already!), I decided to head back to my student area and check it out properly. I spend the afternoon walking around the stalls, sampling balsamic vinegars and learning about the different types of mushrooms there are. A very different way to how I used to spend my afternoons as a student – probably napping!


Borough market is a foodie’s dream – you can try many different types of meat, for you meat-eaters and for us veggies there are plenty of fresh bread, cheese and funky veggies to keep us happy. It’s just an added bonus that during this time of year, many of the vendors are selling various squashes, gourds and pumpkins, which is bound to make you feel all the autumn feels!borough market autumn borough market autumn borough market autumn borough market autumn borough market autumn borough market autumn

Dressing like a Victorian

hampstead london Asos victorian dresshampstead pub

Blog friends! It has sure been while since I posted on CCLD & the reason is that lately I feel like I’ve lost my blogging mojo slightly, so didn’t want to post anything just for the sake of it. However reading some of my favourite blogs in the last few weeks has inspired me to start posting regularly on here again, so keep your eyes peeled for future posts!

As you can probably tell by these pictures, once you’re out of practice taking OOTD’s, posing becomes awkward & you clearly forget how to even stand like a human being! This explains my awkward ‘holding-the-hat’ pose that I have adopted in almost every picture *monkey covering his eyes emoji* . The pictures were taken on a Sunday spent wandering one of my favourite spots in London, Hampstead, so I decided to make use of the cute cottages & pubs & take some outfit pictures.

Asos victorian dress Asos victorian dresshampstead houses Asos victorian dressdress – Asos | boots – Asos | bowler hat – Topshop (all very old, sorry!)


forest selfridges forest selfridgesIt’s been a while since I’ve posted a restaurant review, but I haven’t really been to many new restaurants lately – I blame Prezzo and their vouchers! However, last week I made a trip to the West End to brave the crowds and do some Christmas shopping (a seriously brave decision, two weekends before Christmas!) and I went to Selfridges’ Rooftop restaurant, Forest, for a lunch break.

Each season Selfridges transform their rooftop space according to the season and for the last 2 years, their winter theme has been a ski-lodge in a forest setting.forest selfridges forest selfridges forest selfridges forest selfridgesThe exclusive lift takes you straight up and as soon as you reach the Rooftop, you get some serious Narnia feels. The walkway, which leads to the lodge itself, is filled with fairy lights amongst narrow tree trunks, which line the walls. The restaurant itself has some serious interior décor goals too, as every corner is detailed with foliage, candles, logs and traditional tartan blankets are hung at the back of every chair.forest selfridgesforest selfridges forest selfridgesThe must haves on the menu are: the gingerbread choctail (gingerbread liqueur, hot chocolate, whipped cream – amazing!) & the blue cheese fondu, which I am still dreaming about a week later!

One word to describe this space – magical. It manages to transport you to a countryside ski-lodge in the middle of a very busy Oxford Street!

Shu-mazing factor – 8/10

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