Dining in Paradise

paradise kensal green pub It’s been a while since I’ve written a restaurant review and I can say that I’ve missed it. From the whole process of refusing to let my friends eat their food as soon it arrives, as obviously the camera eats first (although, they are have become accustomed to the protocol now!) to the strange looks I get by the waiting staff when I take pictures around the restaurant. The strange life of a blogger!

Anyway, my friends and I have a restaurant rota, where we each take turns in choosing a place to eat for the rest of the group. A bit like Come Dine With Me for restaurants, but without the brilliantly hilarious narrator! My friend chose this cute, little pub in Kensal Green called Paradise and initially I was a little sceptical by the long journey and the neon red sign outside the pub, but as soon as you enter the pub you feel like you stepped back in time. Candle lights everywhere, vintage birdcages hanging from the ceiling and portraits of random people to add to the old English manor house feel.

On top of feeling like you’re dining at Downton (if only eh?) the food was excellent. I ordered pumpkin soup to start, an autumn favourite and then mushroom risotto, which is again a staple for me during this time of year.

If you’re looking to dine somewhere slightly different than the usual London restaurant scene then I would definitely recommend this adorable, little pub.

Shu-mazing factor – 8/10paradise kensal green paradise pub