Moments from Mumbai

gateway of india

It’s been a while blog friends! Apologies for the slight delay in my new post, but life stuff got in the way and I wanted to upload this mini “vlog”, which I knew would take me hours to edit, so naturally I put it off! I spent around 4 hours of my Saturday night editing this bad boy (rock and roll life!) and am super proud of the end result.

If you didn’t know, I went to Mumbai/Bombay 3 weeks ago for my sister’s wedding shopping, and if you’ve ever been on this type of trip (I avoid the word holiday as there was little to none bikini/beach time!) you’ll know that it can be very full on. Therefore planning on doing full outfit posts was unrealistic, so I decided to film little snippets of our trip and put them together in a non-talking type of vlog.

I hope you like it…

P.S Please watch it in HD!