A few autumn faves

autumn favourites

Autumn. My favourite season. The crisp air, crunchy leaves, Netflix nights in with the fire on – I can’t help it, I love it. Much to the annoyance of my friends and family, I sporadically launch into an enthusiastic monologue, during this time of year, about how much I love autumn. This level of enthusiasm usually doubles when the leaves have fallen and the Christmas tress come out. So to any friends and family reading this post…brace yourselves, the festive period is almost among us! #SorryNotSorry


Anyway I love reading favourites posts, so I thought I’d share what I’m currently loving, besides the season itself obvs…

bath and body works autumn candle bath and body works autumn candleBath & Body Works autumn candles

Candles are as much an autumn essential as the central heating, in my opinion, and although the BBW candles are a blogger cliché, I had to see what the fuss was about. Three eBay bidding wars later (as BBW products are sadly not sold in the UK), the Autumn and Fall three-wick large candles were mine and to put it simply, you will ‘fall’ in love too. Autumn is more of a fresh scent and Fall reminds me of evenings in, as it has a thicker, more spiced scent – perfect for cosy nights in watching The Crown on Netflix. Speaking of The Crown…

the crown netflix

The Crown

Every since I saw the trailer for the new Netflix drama The Crown, I marked the release date and scheduled a binge-watch day, as Netflix released the whole season at once! Got to love Netflix, right? Whether you’re a royalist or not really fussed about the Royal Family, The Crown is a great drama and gives an insight to what it would be like to be Queen in a very male-oriented world.

dude beauty liquid matteHuda Beauty Liquid Matte

I don’t usually follow beauty trends; I’ve never had any desire to buy the Kylie lip-kits and I still can’t work out contouring, however a couple of weeks back I went to Harrods with a couple of friends to check out the new Huda Beauty range and got convinced to get a couple of the liquid matte shades.

I picked up Icon and Muse, which I think are perfect shades for this time of year and have been wearing them non-stop since. Now I’m no beauty guru but in my opinion, the quality is excellent, as it glides on very smoothly and doesn’t budge for hours. Next on my list are Gossip Gurl and Cheerleader.

Borough Market

borough market autumn borough market autumn borough market autumn borough market autumn borough market borough market autumn borough market autumn I used to live in London Bridge for a year of my student life, approximately a 5-minute walk from Borough Market (just call me Bridget Jones!) and I frequently walked through the market to get to Nandos, but never really explored the market properly. Sometimes I don’t think we fully appreciate where we live or our surroundings when we’re younger!


So after having watched the new Bridget Jones movie (a must see if you haven’t already!), I decided to head back to my student area and check it out properly. I spend the afternoon walking around the stalls, sampling balsamic vinegars and learning about the different types of mushrooms there are. A very different way to how I used to spend my afternoons as a student – probably napping!


Borough market is a foodie’s dream – you can try many different types of meat, for you meat-eaters and for us veggies there are plenty of fresh bread, cheese and funky veggies to keep us happy. It’s just an added bonus that during this time of year, many of the vendors are selling various squashes, gourds and pumpkins, which is bound to make you feel all the autumn feels!borough market autumn borough market autumn borough market autumn borough market autumn borough market autumn borough market autumn

Hints of autumn in Cambridge

cambridge autumn cambridge autumn cambridge autumn cambridge autumn cambridge autumn cambridge autumn cambridge autumnYes, it’s another post not about London. I seriously need to consider changing my blog name to Custard Creams and anywhere-but-London Dreams! However, last Saturday was spent in Cambridge, where the family and I checked out the local farmer’s market, had afternoon tea at Fitzbillies – a lovely café with the most delicious scones & helped a punter push his boat over a path into the river. #CambridgeProblems.


I can completely imagine myself living in Cambridge – riding my bike (complete with a basket, obvs!) around the cobbled streets, popping into cafes on the weekends and watching the uni students go about their days (not jealous at all!). I could picture my life here so much that I found myself Zoopla-ing the properties prices in Cambridge on the way home! Anyone else do this? It’s a fun, yet depressing hobby, when you realise that even a box room studio flat in Cambridge is out of your price range, so you give up on being realistic and up the maximum budget to 2 million pounds! A girl can dream, right?


Anyway back to reality – Cambridge is beautiful this time of year and although I’d say it’s still a bit too warm for the knits and full on autumn gear, it was still lovely to walk around, with hints of the beginning of autumn. However, another trip when the leaves are golden and the boots are out is much needed.


Ah Cambridge, I love thee – just don’t go telling London!cambridge autumn cambridge autumn fitzbillies cambridge autumn cambridge autumn

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