An October weekend in Oxford

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Last week my cousins and I spent a night in Oxford, otherwise known as Hogwarts. It was my first time here and after having been to Cambridge many times, I have been eager to see “the other one” and explore more of England’s oldest colleges and their history.

Our first stop was to see the famous Christ Church College and The Great Hall! Fellow Harry Potter fans may recognise this, as The Great Hall in the films was heavy based on the “the real one”. Even if you’re not a Potterhead, it’s impressive just knowing some of the great names of former students were who attended Christ Church College and sat in this hall. Prime Ministers, philosophers and even Albert Einstein! I walked around looking at the portraits on the wall, the fireplaces and the stunning stained glass window and I couldn’t help but feel completely jealous of the Oxford University students who basically have a feast at Hogwarts every night and call it dinner time!

oxford autumnoxford autumn oxford autumn oxford autumnoxford autumn oxford autumnoxford autumn oxford autumn

Another highlight of the weekend was seeing the Bodleian Library, one of the oldest libraries in the country…and another film set for Harry Potter (we did other non-Potter things too, promise!). Unfortunately cameras aren’t allowed there but take my word for it that it is the most stunning library ever, plus it has that great old, dusty books smell!

Oxford is such a beautiful place to visit, with bikes on every street corner, the beautiful Bridge of Sighs and the Cotswolds brick buildings, which are enough of a reason to visit but add autumn colours into the mix and you won’t be able to put your camera down!

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