ha long bay ha long bay ha long bay The second post in the mini travel series. Today’s stop – Ha Long Bay.

A few hours drive away from the motorbike-crazy city of Hanoi is Ha Long Bay, an incredible World Heritage site with 1,600 mini uninhabited islands complete with underground caves, monkey islands and floating fish markets.

We set sail on a cruise boat into the Bay and got the chance to explore the islands by day while having a 5 course meal, a cooking class and simply enjoy the view by night. It was an amazing experience to spend a night in the middle of nowhere amongst beautiful nature, with no shops nearby or wifi, which I managed to cope without!ha long bay ha long bay ha long bayThe whole place felt like one big Disney movie, with the underground caves resembling the Cave of Wonders (any Aladdin fans out there?) and the islands themselves like Neverland. I almost expected Captain Hook, Smee and Tiger Lily to pass by on a small rowing boat! I don’t always compare everything to a Disney movie (except this is a total lie, Disney is my life!) but this place had that level of magic in it. Hats off to ya Mother Nature!ha long bay cave ha long bay ha long bay neverland

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