Favourite summer candles

summer candle favouriteHello, my name is Ashumi and I am a candle addict. As I work from home and spend many Sunday evenings in, (and Fridays too – loserville, I know!) I like to try and make my space as homey and happy as possible. Something so simple like a scented candle can instantly put me in a better mood, so I like to keep a few candles dotted around the house.

It’s easy to assume that candles are only good for autumn/winter time, when it’s cold outside but as I am an all-year-round candle lighter, I have compiled my 3 favourite summer candles which are light, fresh but also extremely fragrant.

anthropologie candle

Anthropologie – Spring’s Eden Pomegranate Peony

It’s physically impossible for me to enter Anthropolgie and come out empty-handed. Why is this shop just so amazing? Every time I visit, I always have a peek at the candles but have never actually picked one up. However, a couple of weeks ago I happened to fall into the Regent Street branch and saw some candles on sale…enough said!


This pomegranate peony candle was half price and judging by the size of this thing, I definitely would call this a bargain! It has a light, floral scent and comes with a lovely jar, which I will be using afterwards.

summer candle favourite

Muji – Seabreeze

I fell in love with this candle as soon as I smelt it in the shop and I would recommend it, if you want an affordable, non-fancy candle that will instantly transform you to summer days spent at the seaside.

summer candles

Jo Malone – Lime Basil & Mandarin

A more pricey, luxury one that I would recommend to fellow serious candle lovers. This one is a Jo Malone classic and has a fresh, citrusy aroma which I think is a perfect, ‘just cleaned the house’ smell.

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