Moments from Mumbai

gateway of india

It’s been a while blog friends! Apologies for the slight delay in my new post, but life stuff got in the way and I wanted to upload this mini “vlog”, which I knew would take me hours to edit, so naturally I put it off! I spent around 4 hours of my Saturday night editing this bad boy (rock and roll life!) and am super proud of the end result.

If you didn’t know, I went to Mumbai/Bombay 3 weeks ago for my sister’s wedding shopping, and if you’ve ever been on this type of trip (I avoid the word holiday as there was little to none bikini/beach time!) you’ll know that it can be very full on. Therefore planning on doing full outfit posts was unrealistic, so I decided to film little snippets of our trip and put them together in a non-talking type of vlog.

I hope you like it…

P.S Please watch it in HD!

A Mini Makeup Haul

DSC_0536 2Way back in January I mentioned that one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2015 was to improve my make up skills. I can get by with a bit of eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner and a red lip but things like contouring and highlighting are skills that I haven’t mastered…yet! So I decided to do something about this and start practising different make up looks. But of course first comes the fun bit, shopping! I headed to Boots and Selfridges to buy some bits and bops to expand my make up collection so I can start to have a play around with my new toys! Watch this space…although I’m going in with no expectations as I’ll probably will end up looking like Side Show Bob!

And then I went on ASOS

asos haulAs you may know from my last two style posts, I’ve been feeling a little lack of fashion inspiration lately. However, much to my bank balance’s dismay, this didn’t last long! I had a flick through my new ASOS magazine and next thing I knew I was making small talk with the lovely DPD delivery man (I call him ‘lovely’ because he brings me presents!), and trying to sign the electronic tablet, which always looks like a 2 year old scribbled on it. Why are they so hard to write on?! Anyway, this is what I bought…

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