Vietnam & Cambodia

Greetings humans! A quick post from me today just to let you know that I’m off to Vietnam and Cambodia for a few weeks of travelling! It’s a fab opportunity, considering that I’ve never been to either of those countries before and am really looking forward to doing some serious sight-seeing and sun bathing, however 30% of me is dreading the food situation.

As you may have figured from my lack of reviews of oriental restaurants, I am not the biggest fan of the cuisine (understatement of the century!) so the food for me will be a challenge. I tend to stick to things I know when I’m abroad and am sadly one of those typical western tourists that points out all the Maccy D’s and Subways on the taxi ride to the hotel. The locals must hate me! So this trip, I have decided to keep an open mind about the food situation. Let’s see how this goes!I have scheduled a few posts for while I’m away and then will post about my travels when I’m back. However, if you would like to see how I cope with the food situation and my general travel adventures, follow me on Instagram (@ashumi) where I’ll be posting pictures daily (I’ll be praying for wifi!).

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