Paris, Je t’aime

eiffel tower metro sign paris eiffel tower paris fall eiffel tower carousel Paris is always a good idea, right? My sister and I came up with this good idea and jumped (or ran in our case, as we were very late!) on the Eurostar for a couple of days to explore the French capital. The last time I took a trip to Paris, I was eleven and on a school trip to practise my language skills and make projects, so this trip was quite different.

We spent the Eurostar journey practising our GCSE French phrases, ‘Ou est la gare?’, and ate croissants whilst watching the Paris episodes of Gossip Girl to get us in the French mood, not that we needed it!

Once we reached the capital, we quickly dropped off our bags and started to roam around Parisian streets. Although we did buy Metro travel cards, we mainly explored Paris on foot, which I would say is the best way to see Paris, as you can really absorb the culture, rather than seeing the inside of a train!

A fabulous first day in Paris, full of accordion players (it couldn’t have been more cliché!), French pharmacies, macaroons, middle aged French men laughing at us for taking pictures of the ‘Metro’ sign and oh this little old building that looks like some serious scaffolding work, La Tour Eiffel.

eiffel tower paris cafe paris eiffel towertop – H&M | skirt – tailor made in Vietnam | shoes – Primark

Jambo Kenya

elephant orphanage nairobi If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I have just got back from Kenya for a family wedding. And if you don’t, you can follow my adventures here! As my dad was born in this part of the world we’ve always been frequent visitors to Kenya, to visit family who still live there and to see the place where my dad grew up.

Everything about Kenya is beautiful, fresh coconuts on the beach, wildlife, the food and the language! I kick myself every time I go to Kenya when my family speak fluent Swahili (and sound SO cool!) and all I have ever picked up is ‘Hakuna Matata”; thanks Lion King!

As I said, we made this quick trip mainly for a family wedding, but before the festivities began (which are a lot, if you know what Indian weddings are like!), we did a bit of sight seeing and exploring.

I read about this baby elephant orphanage in Nairobi, called the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, before we left and made sure it was in our itinerary. It’s a fantastic organisation which helps protect young, traumatised elephants, as their mothers have sadly been poached for ivory. The elephants enter periods of grieving and many of them lose the effort to try and live. The organisation then takes them in and offers a secure base to nurture the orphans, until they are ready to go back into the wild.

It’s touching to see, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Nairobi. Plus, who can pass up an opportunity to watch cute, baby elephants play football and interact with each other?!

We also went to a Giraffe Centre, where you get to feed and pet giraffes. It’s not far from the elephant orphanage, so definitely head there as well if you’re in the area, but just be prepared to get slimy giraffe drool everywhere!giraffe centre nairobi giraffe centre nairobi

3 days in Prague

Note to self, never just assume European countries use the Euro. Always ask someone/Google it before changing any money!! This was mistake number 1, just before my trip to Prague last week. Whoops. (They use the Crown, I did eventually find out!).

Despite this slightly small error, I had an amazing 3-day city break to Prague with my cousin. The weather was in the 30s (ouchy for us British folk!) so we spent the majority of our time lazily roaming around the cobbled streets, cute shops and cafes and absorbing in the Czech culture.

The architecture in Prague is one of the best things about the city. Every building is stunning to look at and so detailed no matter what type of building it is – a hotel, café, even banks! Every time we walked into the Old Town from our hotel, we were hit with that wow factor.

If you’re looking for a short city break in Europe, Prague would be a fab choice as there isn’t a huge amount to do so you wouldn’t feel overwhelmed with the choices of activities (anyone else get this?!) but the city is spectacular, cultural and historical. It’s definitely on my repeat list. crop top – H&M | skirt – Topshop | shoes – Topshop | bag – H&M (old) | sunnies – Topshop

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