Oh Christmas Tree

somerset house christmassomerset house skate h&m green dresssomerset house christmas somerset house christmasCall me Kevin McCallister, but I have a thing about Christmas trees. Nothing gives me that Christmas feeling more than seeing a pretty decorated evergreen tree and one of my favourites in London is the massive tree at Somerset House. Each year different brands sponsor the ice-skating at Somerset House and this year it was Fortnum & Mason’s turn to deck the House!

I very rarely go ice-skating, as I’m that annoying person who refuses to let go of the side and panics every time another skater joins the side and blocks my side path! In this case, I have two options: simply let go of the side and attempt the journey around the skating pro, or apologise profoundly and ask if he/she can kindly skate away from the side to let me through! Stressful situation!

However if you’re braver than me (that’s everyone then!), Somerset House is a great place to skate. The atmosphere will definitely give you all the Christmas feels, as you’re skating in one of the most beautiful courtyards in London, with a massive Christmas tree (did I mention that I like trees?!) and festive music playing in the background. It’s guaranteed to make the Grinchest of Grinches and the Scroogest of Scrooges feel Christmassy.

h&m green dresssomerset house christmas somerset house christmas somerset house christmas somerset house christmasdress – H&M | necklace – H&M | boots – ASOS (similar) | scarf – Zara (old but similar here)

Suede & Stripes

asos suede skirt asos suede skirt london streets asos suede skirt

Outfit post! Not the most exciting autumnal outfit I know, but since my sister left home and got married, half of my clothes (read: her clothes that I often steal) went too, so therefore I am attempting to spend this weekend trying to build up the autumn wardrobe – sorry credit card!

I bought this suede skirt a few months ago and although it wasn’t cheapest of skirts, I think it was quite a versatile piece to buy, as the suede material can also work for autumn, despite the bright colour…I hope anyway! I teamed it up with a Breton stripped top and would have ordinarily worn a cute faux fur gilet on top but she took that too! Thanks sis(!)

asos suede skirtasos suede skirtasos suede skirtskirt – ASOS | top – Petit Bateau | jacket – Zara (old)

A Fashionable Tea Break

biscuiteersbiscuiteers biscuiteers biscuiteers biscuiteersGot to love Fashion Week right? The catwalks, checking out who’s on the ‘frow, the after party outfits & the biscuits. No need to re-read that sentence, you read it right; yes fashion biscuits, haven’t you heard? It’s the new thing!

One of my favourite London biscuit brands, Biscuiteers, got in touch with me, to ask if I could style their new Fashionista Biscuit Tin, which is in collaboration with style guru Alice Naylor-Leyland. The collection is based on her staple wardrobe pieces and you can find mini edible shoes, dresses and even a trench coat from designers such as Alice Temperley, Charlotte Tilbury & Charlotte Olympia.

A massive thank you to the lovely ladies at Biscuiteers for sending me the most fashionable biscuits in town with the cutest tea set! Who doesn’t want a mini edible pair of Charlotte Olympia flat shoes for an afternoon biscuit break? Now, to save up for the real thing!

biscuiteers alice biscuiteers biscuiteers fashion biscuiteers

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