Columbia Road Flower Market

columbia road columbia road columbia road columbia road columbia road Columbia Road. Not the most relaxing of Sunday’s, with crowds of people hunting for the best bargains for their bunches and vendors shouting ‘3 for a fiver’ in your face as you attempt to walk (or shuffle in the crowds) past!

Nonetheless, it’s still one of my favourite ways to spend a Sunday and never disappoints with its blooms. I came away with a nice bunch of peonies, which were only ‘2 for a tenner’ (in my best Cockney accent) but it was my mum who got the bargain of the century and bought an actual palm tree! When in Rome eh?!

columbia road columbia road columbia road columbia road shirt – Zara | top – Topshop | jeans – ASOS | shoes – Primark

The Good Life

the good life eateryHealthy eating is one of my many resolutions for 2015 and so far I can safely say that it’s not going too badly. Yes I have the odd (read: daily) Nutella spread on toast or better yet strawberries dipped in Nutella, which only makes me feel half bad, but other than that it’s all porridge, avocado and quinoa.

The Good Life Eatery has been on my iPhone notes ‘places to try’ for over a year now and I finally headed to Chelsea to give it a shot and see what the fuss was about.the good life eaterythe good life eateryFood:

I tried the Goodness Bowl, which is a great one to get if you’re a first timer, like me, as you get to try many of their different dishes. The pesto courgetti was by far the best, and carb free so guilt free, although I never really feel that guilty indulging in carbs, as you know.

the good life eatery the good life eateryAtmosphere: 

The place is quite small and only has a few tables. If you want a table, the wait will be around 25 minutes on a weekend but you can order your food while you wait, so you can eat as soon as you grab a seat. If you’re popping in for a healthy take away, The Good Life is the place to be.

Shu-mazing factor – 8/10

A Cheeky Vaps

vapianovapianoThere are many things that are considered to be “cheeky” in the British restaurant scene. Nandos (so cheeky that news of it even made it across the pond), Prezzo, Wagamamas (otherwise known as “Wags”) & Vapiano (“Vaps”).

It’s true what they say, “When a man is tired of Italian food, he is tired of life”. Ok I might have slightly tweaked the Oscar Wilde quote but it’s very fitting for Italian cuisine, don’t you think?

The nice people at Vapiano invited me down to review the place for them and I must admit it wasn’t my first time at Vapiano. Vaps is my usual go-to place when I want a quick lunch break from shopping on Oxford Street, because it’s yummy, quick (but try to avoid going at 1pm!) and fairly cheap!vapiano vapianoThe whole idea is that you queue up with your tray at the station you want (i.e. pizza, pasta, salad etc) order your dish and watch it being made in front of you. You then go find a seat on the benches. Much like a school canteen, without the evil dinner ladies and mushy peas.

The atmosphere is chilled, which makes it a great shopping pit stop and the food never disappoints.

Must-haves from me are the penne arrabiata (surprise, surprise) with extra mozerrella, the fresh bread (which comes free!) and the panna cotta.

Shu-mazing factor – 7/10 

Many thanks to Vapiano for the invite. Although they did invite me to review the place, all views are my own. Promise!

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