About me

Hi! I’m Ashumi, a London born and bred history nerd who loves Disney and Christmas and all things magic.


I spent 95% of my day on my laptop either blogging or working (more about my work here) and the other 5% is phone time, because once you’ve decided to call it a day and log off from the laptop, it’s only natural to switch to the phone!


As you may be able to tell from flicking through my posts, although my blog name is called Custard Creams & London Dreams (award for the longest blog name goes to me!), my love for exploring Britain has grown over the last few years, so you may see posts from cities such as Cambridge, Bath and the English countryside, as well as London. I should really change my blog name to Custard Creams and Everywhere Dreams, but it doesn’t seem to have to same ring to it, don’t you think?


My blog is a mixture of everything – baking, snippets of my weekends, current favourite things, discoveries in London.


You can also follow me on Twitter to read my random ramblings, Instagram for my day-to-day life in pictures and Pinterest to see what I wish my life looked like, (#lifegoals!) You can also drop me an email – ashumi.k@hotmail.com

Thanks for reading!

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