Bunga Bunga

bunga bunga bunga bunga bunga bunga Bunga Bunga – an Italian restaurant/bar off Battersea Bridge. I went there a couple of weeks ago with some friends and thought I would do a review on it.

The whole idea is that you and your friends order pizza and instead of having your own individual pizza, it comes in one giant pizza for you to share. It’s great for people who like to try different toppings, but not so great for the ‘JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD’ type of people! So be warned!

Atmosphere – It feels like Italy on a retro vibe! You’ve got a marble head of Julius Caesar with a random motorbike hanging from the ceiling. It’s fun, relaxed and a perfect place to catch up with friends over a pizza. Just make sure they stick to their section of the pizza!! There’s also a karaoke section of the bar which starts later on in the evening and rumour has it that there is also an Elvis impersonator. I say ‘rumour has it’, as being a grandma, I left well before the karaoke and other entertainment started! Thug life!

Food – To be totally honest, I have had better pizza in London but for the reasonable price, it wasn’t bad! There are often deals that come with the pizza too, for example a free glass of Prosecco with pizza on Tuesdays and free Prosecco at brunch! Totally bargainess!

Shu-mazing factor – 6/10

bunga bunga bunga bunga bunga bunga

My Travel Bag Essentials

what's in my bagI’m off to Kenya for a family wedding and thought I’d do a video on my travel bag essentials/what’s in my travel bag. I love watching these types of videos on YouTube, to get tips on what to take and just to be nosey!

Please excuse all of the “umms”, “ahhs” and dad jokes in this video! The dad jokes are just my awkward sense of humour, but the “umms” are me still trying to get used to talking in front of a camera and this whole YouTube world, so please bare with me!

It’s an amazing world filled with videos of make up tutorials, funny cats doing funny things and David After the Dentist (who doesn’t love that one?!), a site which I spent hours a day on (yes, hours!) but being behind the camera is a completely different ball game. I do love it so far and want to stick with it, but it’s so scary and different to blogging!

I hope you like the video anyway and find it useful if you’re going away this summer. If you have any video suggestions or tips for a new YouTuber, please let me know! I’ll be forever grateful!

Festival Fever

festival fashionfestival fashion f&f bag Festivals. Two things come to mind: music & fashion. I’m not the biggest festival goer and even though I don’t plan my summers around Glastonbury and Reading, I still love festival season. Why? The fashion of course!

Festival fashion is one of the reasons I stay glued to my Instagram feed for the whole summer (that, and I may have a tiny Instagram obsession!). I love it all, from the floral crowns at Coachella, to all the wellies at Glastonbury and the most important question of the summer – what Alexa Chung is wearing.

So when the nice people at F&F asked me if I was up for the challenge of putting together a festival look, I moshed at the chance (get it?!).

I teamed up this geometric style clutch by F&F with a simple LWD, a chambray shirt and my fave Vans. I love the bag; it’s quite oversized, which is perfect for festivals, as you can fit all of your festival essentials – make up for any touch-ups, mini deodorants and your phone/camera for any unmissable Instagram moments! I also love the fun, boho design, so thank you F&F!

The bag is also super useful, as when the notorious British rain comes down, fear not. Use the oversized clutch as a shield, as demonstrated by me…

summer fashion f&f bagfestival fashion dress & shirt – Vietnamese market | vans – Office | clutch bag – F&F | sunnies – Topshop

Some Exciting News…

If you follow me on Twitter, or you follow me in real life (i.e. you’re my friend), you may know that I have been shortlisted for the Cosmo Magazine Blog Awards, for the ‘Best Lifestyle Blog of 2014’!!!!!

This song basically sums up my emotions after finding out the news.

As you may be able to tell, I was and still am ecstatic that I have been shortlisted amongst some amazing bloggers. It has really made my week/month/year, ok LIFE (a step too far?!). So, thank you so so so much to everyone who voted for me and without sounding too much like a typical X Factor contestant, it really means a lot to even be shortlisted!

Voting is now open for the winner and runner up of the category, so if you could spare a minute, it would mean a lot if you voted for my little blog. You can vote here, and as I said, I’m in the Best Lifestyle category, so vote for your favourite bloggers and when you get to the Lifestyle category click on Custard Creams and London Dreams, then keep clicking ‘next page’ until you see a page which says submit.

I’m super excited for the awards, and am looking forward to meeting the other incredible bloggers, some of which I have been following since before I started my own blog. I’m going to have to try my absolute hardest not to have any embarrassing fan-girl moments, but after a few glasses of Champagne, I can’t promise anything!cosmo blog awards cosmo blog awards

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