Paris, Je t’aime

eiffel tower metro sign paris eiffel tower paris fall eiffel tower carousel Paris is always a good idea, right? My sister and I came up with this good idea and jumped (or ran in our case, as we were very late!) on the Eurostar for a couple of days to explore the French capital. The last time I took a trip to Paris, I was eleven and on a school trip to practise my language skills and make projects, so this trip was quite different.

We spent the Eurostar journey practising our GCSE French phrases, ‘Ou est la gare?’, and ate croissants whilst watching the Paris episodes of Gossip Girl to get us in the French mood, not that we needed it!

Once we reached the capital, we quickly dropped off our bags and started to roam around Parisian streets. Although we did buy Metro travel cards, we mainly explored Paris on foot, which I would say is the best way to see Paris, as you can really absorb the culture, rather than seeing the inside of a train!

A fabulous first day in Paris, full of accordion players (it couldn’t have been more cliché!), French pharmacies, macaroons, middle aged French men laughing at us for taking pictures of the ‘Metro’ sign and oh this little old building that looks like some serious scaffolding work, La Tour Eiffel.

eiffel tower paris cafe paris eiffel towertop – H&M | skirt – tailor made in Vietnam | shoes – Primark

This Week I’m Making – Porridge

porridge blackberriesBreakfast. Our mums nagged us to eat it before school, during university days, brekkie (and lunch, dinner and post night out snacks!) meant ordering a massive Dominoes at 4pm, because that’s when most uni students start their day! Now, besides the weekend brunch, breakfast is a distant memory of eating a bowl full of Cocopops (remember when they changed the name to Cocopuffs? Not cool!) and getting excited by the free toy.

Well guys, I have news for you. Breakfast is back. And this time I’m going healthy. Yes, porridge, with blackberries, or any fruit, to start your day takes mere minutes to whip up, yummy, warm for the coming colder months and most importantly full of goodness. When did I grow up?!

I started getting into eating porridge a few weeks ago, and despite being quite fussy with food, I’m surprised to say that I actually really like it! I grabbed the last of the summer blackberries from my garden (and some from Waitrose) and made this in minutes.DSC_0695 blackberries

Here’s the recipe:

  • ½ cup of oats
  • 180ml milk
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
  • Blackberries (or fruit of your choice)
  1. On a medium heat, pour in your oats and milk into a pan and stir continuously until it becomes stodgy.
  2. While the porridge is cooking, place a handful of berries into a separate pan and add the sugar. With a spoon, gently squash the berries on the side of the pan to let the juices ooze out. TIP – don’t go overboard here, heating the berries up with do this naturally as well.
  3. Once the porridge is done, empty into a bowl and place the berries over.porridge berries

That’s it! See, it really is that simple. As a famous chef always says, porridge with blackberries…done!porridge blackberries

Waiting for Autumn

autumn ootd uniqlo hat fall ootd autumn leaves asos autumn outfitThere’s nothing I love more (apart from Christmas of course!) then going for a walk in the woods on an autumn day. Sometimes the small things in life make you happy, like stepping  on a particularly crunchy leaf (why is this so fun even in my 20s?!) or finally wearing your new ASOS autumn clothes. I don’t mean to brag, but I did both.

If you live in the UK, you will know that the weather cannot make up it’s mind what season it wants to be! This makes dressing, a tiresome and taxing task, don’t you agree? One minute the clouds are grey so I bring out the ankle boots but then the sun comes out and I’m rushing back into the house to grab the sunnies*. Sort it out weather gods! This outfit is the perfect thing to wear for this inbetweeny weather, as the colours say autumn but it’s still warm enough to get away with a sleeveless top and no tights.

*I do apologise for going on about the weather a lot here on my blog, but what can I say, us British are utterly obsessed. It’s not an exaggeration or a stereotype, we are truly that interested in what the clouds are saying.

asos autumn fall ootd DSC_0687 top – ASOS | skirt – ASOS | necklace – ASOS | hat – Uniqlo | shoes – Zara

August Favorites

august favoritesCan you believe we’re almost half way through September?! Where is this year going? I still haven’t got used to writing 2014 yet and before you know it, it’ll be time to join hands and sing Auld Lang Syne again!

Anyway, freak out over. Yes it’s September and in my new YouTube video, I talk about what I loved in the month of August, otherwise known as my August Favourites. This was my first ever favourites video and I may make it a regular thing. Mainly because I can chat away about anything from beauty and fashion to TV without anyone telling me to shut up in real life. Got to love YouTube, he always listens!

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