I Heart Carbs

carbs jumper asos carbs jumper asos carbs jumper asos carbs jumper asos carbs jumper asos carbs jumper asosIt’s not a secret that I heart carbs. A bowl full of pasta can irradicate all fears, problems and troubles. Fact. Therefore it was only necessary that I added this cropped jumper to the (ever growing) wardrobe collection. After all, they say to wear your heart on your sleeve, I’m just wearing mine on a jumper from ASOS!

I paired my new fave jumper with my new fave skirt. I found this little number hiding in the back of the Oxford Street branch, between the jumpsuits (a short people’s no-go zone) and the bikinis. Without sounding like a L’Oreal ad, I love that it’s full of volume and very twirlable and yes I did spend about 30 minutes twirling it around in the changing room!

P.S. I’m currently writing this post from my hotel lobby in India! I give myself 5 blogger dedication points for typing this up whilst everyone else is sipping cocktails at the hotel bar! Don’t worry I’m off to join them, but if you want to follow my Indian adventures for the next few days, check out my Instragram account, here.

P.P.S. Excuse the cheeky self plug above!carbs jumper asos DSC_0374 carbs jumper asos DSC_0272 carbs jumper asos DSC_0394 carbs jumper asosjumper – ASOS \ skirt – H&M \ boots – Topshop \ clutch – Whistles

Yalla Yalla

yalla yalla london yalla yalla yalla yalla Lebanese is one of my favourite cuisines (among Italian, Mexican and Indian, obvs!) so I’ve been dying to try Yalla Yalla for quite some time now. I’ve heard many good things about this little restaurant from recommendations from people I know and cyber recommendations, i.e. pictures on Instagram. I may have searched the hashtag on Instagram and spent about half an hour of my time scrolling (and double tapping) people’s #instafood pics. Worst decision ever if you’re a Starvin’ Marvin.

DSC_0224 yalla yalla london Food:

Lebanese is a great cuisine for veggie choice. We picked a few dishes to share, like salad, falafel, hummus etc and then assembled them in a bread to eat it as a wrap.

Warning: this is messy food and maybe one to skip if you’re going with someone you want to impress, as let me warn you, you will drop half of the food down your brand new skirt and you will end up with herbs in between every other tooth. Not that this happened to me or anything!

yalla yalla london yalla yallaLocation & Atmosphere:

The atmosphere is friendly, chilled out and the perfect little lunch place, and is perfect for a quick bite to eat before heading out to the mad rush that is Oxford Street.

Shu-mazing factor – 7/10

Spring Casuals

ashumi ashumi spring The white jeans are out. This could only mean one thing ladies and gents, spring is coming! Get excited! It’s funny how the little things in life can completely affect our mood. If the day is super sunny and I’m able to head out with just a light jacket on, it’s going to be a good day. But, if it’s raining cats and dogs outside, I know it’s going to be a eat a whole jar of Nutella kind of day. So now that it gets darker at 6pm (woop!) and the fact that I didn’t have to hide my coat when shooting these pictures makes me a very happy Ash.

Now onto the outfit. It’s not the most unusual of outfits and definitely won’t be on any catwalks anytime soon, but sometimes it’s nice to head outside in just a pair of your comfy jeans, the most softest chambray shirt, a coral jumper and hair scrapped back into pony tail (read: greasy hair day). No heels in sight. Bliss. It still doesn’t beat the comfort of Primark pyjamas but the last time I checked it’s sadly still not socially acceptable to head outside in your PJs, besides a midnight run to Tesco that is. Obviously.DSC_0113 primark

A Mini Makeup Haul

DSC_0536 2Way back in January I mentioned that one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2015 was to improve my make up skills. I can get by with a bit of eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner and a red lip but things like contouring and highlighting are skills that I haven’t mastered…yet! So I decided to do something about this and start practising different make up looks. But of course first comes the fun bit, shopping! I headed to Boots and Selfridges to buy some bits and bops to expand my make up collection so I can start to have a play around with my new toys! Watch this space…although I’m going in with no expectations as I’ll probably will end up looking like Side Show Bob!

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